Returns the text expression with all letters in lower-case. The syntax is

  lower(text[, mode])

For example:

     SELECT  NAME, lower(NAME)

The results are:

  NAME                lower(NAME)
 SYSTABLES            systables
 SYSCOLUMNS           syscolumns
 SYSINDEX             sysindex
 SYSUSERS             sysusers
 SYSPERMS             sysperms
 SYSTRIG              systrig
 SYSMETAINDEX         sysmetaindex

Added in version 2.6.932060000.

The optional mode argument is a string-folding mode in the same format as <apicp stringcomparemode>; see the Vortex manual for details on the syntax and default. If mode is unspecified, the current apicp stringcomparemode setting - with "+lowercase" aded - is used. The mode argument was added in version 6.

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