Loading a Table with Timport

Timport reads a schema file and operates on specified text files. You can see the syntax for Timport by typing in:

timport -h
     timport -H

The -h help option gives the syntax for use of Timport. The -H option gives additional syntax on form of a schema file. Use the following command to load the demo text files supplied with the program into your table.

timport -s 3db.sch -v /usr/local/morph3/text/*

If all goes well, you should see something like this:

200 Reading schema 3db.sch
     800 Statement: "insert into threedb values(counter,?,?,?);"
     200 Connecting to server
     200 Opening database /tmp/testdb
     200 Verifying schema
     200 Loading data
     800 File: "/usr/local/morph3/text/alien"
     800 File: "/usr/local/morph3/text/constn"
     800 File: "/usr/local/morph3/text/declare"
     800 File: "/usr/local/morph3/text/events"
     800 File: "/usr/local/morph3/text/garden"
     800 File: "/usr/local/morph3/text/kids"
     800 File: "/usr/local/morph3/text/liberty"
     800 File: "/usr/local/morph3/text/qadhafi"
     800 File: "/usr/local/morph3/text/socrates"
     204 9 records added
     204 9.0 records/sec

The 3-digit number is a message type. What follows is the file being loaded. In this case each file is entered in the table as one record.

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