Timport is part of the Texis package and is installed with it. Follow any specific installation instructions that accompany its receipt.

These files are related to Timport:

in directory /usr/local/morph3/bin:
     timportn           Executable Texis Import program (Client server)
     timport            Executable Texis Import program (Direct)
   in directory /usr/local/morph3/texis/timport:
     timport.sch        Example schema: tagged fields
     patent.sch         Example schema: fixed columnar data
     log.sch            Example schema: variable columnar data
     log2.sch           Example schema: fixed columnar data
     htlog.sch          Example schema: data matched by expression
     htlog2.sch         Example schema: data matched by expression
     multi.sch          Example schema: loading multiple tables at once
     mbox.sch           Example schema: mail boxes
     csv.sch            Example schema: comma separated values
     dbf.sch            Example schema: dBase files
     feat.sch           Example schema: various special features
     3db.sch            Example schema: plain text files

Make a working directory where you can experiment on text files, create schema files, and make a practice database. If not already done, copy the executable file timport to a place in your program path, such as /usr/local/morph3/bin.

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