Timport is a tool for importing existing data into Texis database tables so the text can be managed and searched by Texis. It can take the place of a loader program written in C as well as manual loading of tables using the Insert command.

Using Timport requires no specialized programming knowledge. It rounds out the package of Texis tools so that a knowledgeable Texis system administrator can set up a Texis Information System from start to finish using Thunderstone programs.

Where the bulk of data has already existed in some quantity for an intended system, the most difficult part of setting up a useful Texis environment has been the job of making that data accessible to Texis in the first place. Timport reduces that job dramatically and provides the opportunity to create a fully functional Texis system in a fraction of the time, thereby enhancing its power.

One designs a schema file containing the structure of the data one wishes to capture into fields and tables. REX regular expressions are used to define patterns in text. Keywords and associated values signal rules and actions to apply. One creates a database and tables containing the structure of the text to be loaded. Timport reads the schema file and makes calls to Texis to load the data found in the text files into these tables, according to the specified fields. The ability to import standard formats such as dBase and FoxPro tables, comma separated values, and columnar data is also provided.

TSQL can be used to create the tables and to test accurate import of fields. With the data loaded to one's satisfaction in the desired structure, it is an easy next step to choose an interface for your users to access that data. Use HTML Mosaic forms where the text formatting is provided by the CGISQL Texis bridge; or use a database front end constructed with Microsoft Access or Visual Basic; or design any custom client software you are capable of working with. Texis can serve up your data now that it's loaded into tables it can manage.

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