Example Schema: Tagged Format Data (Mailbox)

This example will load data from tagged format data, internet email in this case. Each field starts on new line and has a tag of the form "Tag:" before it. Records are delimited by the Leading "From" line of each message.

database /tmp/testdb
table    mail
recdelim >>\n=\n\F\RFrom\x20
datefmt x, dd mmm yyyy HH:MM:SS
#       Name            Type            Tag     Default value
field   From            varchar         From    ''
field   To              varchar         To      ''
field   Subject         varchar         Subject ''
field   Date            date            Date
field   Text            varchar         -

Here's another schema that imports more of the email fields and handles more variants of the format.

table    mail
recdelim >>\n=\n\F\RFrom\x20
recsize  2000000
datefmt x, dd mmm yyyy HH:MM:SS
#       Name          Type            Tag
field   Headers       varchar(512)    />>\n\n\P=\RFrom\x20=!$$+  ''
field   Body          varchar(1024)   />>\n\n\RFrom\x20=!$$\P+!\n\n
\RFrom\x20+      ''
field   From          varchar(80)     />>\x0a\RFrom:=\P[\x20\x09]*
!\x0a[^\x0a\x20\x09]+\F\x0a[^\x0a\x20\x09]         ''
field   To            varchar(80)     />>\x0a\RTo:=\P[\x20\x09]*
!\x0a[^\x0a\x20\x09]+\F\x0a[^\x0a\x20\x09]           ''
field   Subject       varchar(80)     />>\x0a\RSubject:=\P
[\x20\x09]*!\x0a[^\x20\x09]+\F\x0a[^\x20\x09]              ''
field   Date          date            />>\x0a\RDate:=\P[\x20\x09]*
field   Returnpath    varchar(80)     />>\x0a\RReturn-Path:=\P
[\x20\x09]*!\x0a[^\x0a\x20\x09]+\F\x0a[^\x0a\x20\x09]  ''
field   Msgid         varchar(80)     />>\x0a\RMessage-ID:=\P
[\x20\x09]*!\x0a[^\x0a\x20\x09]+\F\x0a[^\x0a\x20\x09]   ''

Here is an example record for the above schemas. You could also use your own mailbox as input.

From jsmith@somesite.com Mon Dec 08 14:33:33 1997
From: "Smith, John" <jsmith@somesite.com>
To: jdoe@thunderstone.com
Subject: I want to purchase Texis
Date: Mon, 8 Dec 1997 14:33:32 -0500

I have looked at all of the information about Texis on your
web site and would like to place an order. I will be contacting
you by phone tomorrow.

   John Smith
   Database Administrator
   Smith Consultants

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