cgivar() - enumerate CGI variables


#include "cgi.h"

char   *cgivar(cp, n, which, valp)
CGI    *cp;
int     n, which;
char ***valp;

The cgivar() function is used to iterate all the CGI variables, one at a time. The which parameter indicates which lists to iterate through; it has the same values as in getcgi(). The n parameter indicates which variable in the indicated lists to get, starting with 0 for the first variable. *valp will be set to the string list of values for the variable. cgivar() returns the name of the requested variable, or CHARPN if the value of n is out of range; this indicates the end of the list.

The variable lists indicated by which are iterated in order of precedence, from highest to lowest. Note that some variables could appear more than once, if they occur in multiple lists.

The returned string list and variable name are associated with the CGI object and freed when it is closed.


#include "cgi.h"

CGI  *cp;


  char   **vals, *name;
  int    i;

  printf("State variables:\n");
  for (i = 0; (name = cgivar(cp, i, CGI_STATE, &vals)) != CHARPN; i++) {
    printf("%s = ", name);
    for ( ; **vals; vals++) printf(" %s", *vals);

Same as for getcgi(). Changes to the CGI variables (e.g. putcgi()) can affect a given variable's index and/or values.


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