cgigetstate() - get state variable cookie


#include "cgi.h"

int cgigetstate(cp, name, val)
CGI  *cp;
char **name, **val;

The cgigetstate() function sets name and val to point to the name and value of the (encrypted) state variable cookie. These strings are owned by the API and should not be modified or freed. The cookie can then be printed with htpf("%U") as a URL or form variable in the output to propagate the state variables. cgigetstate() returns 1 if ok; 2 if the state was already successfully printed as a cookie (and hence need not be printed); or 0 on error.

The returned value only needs to be printed as a variable (e.g. sent in the query string of an URL, or a hidden var in a form) if the current Web browser does not support cookies, i.e. if 1 is returned (or cgiwritestate() returned -1). Normally cgiwritestate() prints the state cookie if it recognizes the browser as cookie-compatible.

If used, cgigetstate() should be called after any call to cgiwritestate(), so that the latest state cookie is obtained.


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