Converts a binary (varbyte) value into a hexadecimal string.

bintohex(varbyteData[, 'stream|pretty'])

A string (varchar) hexadecimal representation of the varbyteData parameter is returned. This can be useful to visually examine binary data that may contain non-printable or nul bytes. The optional second argument is a comma-separated string of any of the following flags:

  • stream: Use the default output mode: a continuous stream of hexadecimal bytes, i.e. the same format that convert(varbyteData, 'varchar') would have returned in Texis version 6 and earlier.

  • pretty: Return a "pretty" version of the data: print 16 byte per line, space-separate the hexadecimal bytes, and print an ASCII dump on the right side.

The bintohex() function was added in Texis version 7. Caveat: Note that in version 7 and later, convert()ing data from/to varbyte/varchar no longer converts the data to/from hexadecimal by default (as was done in earlier versions) in programs other than tsql; it is now preserved as-is (though truncated at nul for varchar). See the hexifybytes SQL property (here) to change this.

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