Basic Operation

A default Metamorph search will calculate the maximum number of intersections possible in a hit based on your query.

Metamorph picks out the important elements of your question and creates a series of sets of words and/or patterns; counting the number of sets, it does a search for any hit which contains all those elements. If you ask: "Was there a power struggle?" the program will look for hits containing 1 intersection of the 2 sets "power" and "struggle". In this case the program is executing the search at intersection quantity 1, as it is looking for text containing 1 union of 2 sets.

When you first enter the query, Metamorph determines how many sets of concepts it will be searching for. Upon execution, the program will attempt to find hits containing the maximum number of intersections of something from each of those sets, within the defined delimiters of a sentence.

A "sentence" is specified as the block of text from one sentence type delimiter [.?!] to the next sentence type delimiter [.?!]. Any sentence found which contains that maximum number of intersections will be considered a valid hit, and can be made available for viewing, in the context of the full text of the file in which it is located.

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