Deep inside of Texis stands Metamorph, the original incarnation of Thunderstone's text retrieval methodology. While Metamorph has grown into Texis, its intelligent text query language has remained intact. It carries with it a whole philosophy of concept based text retrieval which sets a layer of assumptions about how text, particularly English, should be processed to retain its meaning.

Metamorph is made reference to in many places throughout Thunderstone's program documentation. While originally it was a stand-alone program, it lives on as functions which are used at all levels of the search, chiefly thought about only in relation to the formulation of queries themselves, and attendant processing of the vocabulary base of the language itself.

Most of what you need to know about Metamorph is included at the appropriate places in our documentation. This section is devoted to some of the aspects of Metamorph which were documented early on in the Research & Development of our product line, but may still be of interest for context rich applications or just to the curious user.

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