adduserfuncs - Adding to the server


#include <sys/types.h>
#include "dbquery.h"

void adduserfuncs(fo)
FLDOP *fo;

This section describes how to add user defined types and functions to the texis server. The file aufex.c in the api directory provides an outline of how to do this. The server calls the function adduserfuncs which gives you the opportunity to add data types, operators and functions to the server. There are three functions that are used for adding to the server. They are dbaddtype, foaddfuncs and fosetop.

Once you have created your own version of aufex.c you need to compile and link this file with the rest of the daemon objects. You must make sure that this file is linked before the libraries to make sure your function gets called. An example makefile is also included in the api directory which shows the needed objects and include paths to make a new daemon. After a new daemon has been created, make sure that it is running and not the standard daemon. See the documentation on texisd to see how to invoke it.

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