Vortex Command Line Options

Vortex can be run from the command line, for running of a script without a Web server or for maintenance scripts. The last argument is usually either a script to run or a SQL command to execute.

The Vortex command line syntax is:

texis [options] [var=value] [var=value] [srcfile-or-SQL-command]

(The brackets ([]) indicate an optional part of the syntax.) srcfile-or-SQL-command is either the full path of the Vortex script to run, or a SQL command to execute on the database. Either is required, unless a standalone action like -W is invoked.

If a script is named, it has the same syntax as the URL would have, without the CGI program (e.g. /path[/+state][/function.mime][/+/userpath]). The path is interpreted as an ordinary file, not relative to ScriptRoot or document root. Note that running a script from the command line may result in inaccurate URLs begin generated by the $url and $urlroot variables, as the texis CGI script path cannot be determined without the server.

Variables may be assigned on the command line for a script with the var=value syntax. Both the var name and its value should be URL-encoded (for portable command-line escapement). Variable assignments may be intermixed with other options, but like all options, must occur before the script name which is last on the command line. Assigning the same variable multiple times gives it multiple values, in command-line order.

If a SQL command is given, the database defaults to the current directory, or the one named with -d is used. The result rows are printed out, in either columns (the default) or one field per row (if -c given). No Vortex variables may appear in the command; any parameters must be given as literal (single-quoted) values.

In addition to the following options, see also the library options (here) and schedule options (here).

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