Texis Monitor Controlled By systemd Service - Caveat

For more standardized control of the Texis Monitor, and due to usage of the /run/texis run dir which may need to be created after boot, Texis version 8 attempts to enable and start a systemd service (texis-monitor) under Linux at install time. The service file is in the conf/system subdirectory of the install dir. This service will attempt to create the /run/texis dir if needed, when starting the Texis Monitor. A texis-vhttpd service is also linked (and enabled and started, if the vhttpd option is chosen) at install.

Also, because the texis-monitor service will attempt to restart a failed/exited Monitor, stopping a version 8 Texis Monitor with monitor -k may be insufficient: the service may try to immediately restart it. Thus, the proper way to control a version 8 Texis Monitor when this service is installed is via the systemctl command, e.g. (as root): systemctl stop texis-monitor.

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