COOKIES - control cookie import


<COOKIES urldecode|asis>

The COOKIES directive controls how HTTP cookies are imported into Vortex variables upon script start. The default setting of urldecode will URL-decode cookie values when initializing Vortex variables, i.e. assume they are URL-encoded. The setting of asis will not decode values, i.e. leave them as-is. This setting can be useful to import cookies set by another application that does not URL-encode the values. Note that cookie names are never decoded.

The COOKIES directive overrides the system-wide default set by the [Texis] Cookies setting of texis.ini (here).


<COOKIES asis>

<A NAME=main>
  <if "" neq $ASPSESSIONID>
    ... check ASP session info ...

The <COOKIES> directive was added in version 5.01.1121884211 20050720. It defaulted to urldecode in previous versions.

[Texis] Cookies setting of texis.ini

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