User Equivalence File Format

A User Equivalence File is an ASCII file created by the user, which corresponds to information in the larger 2+ megabyte Main Equivalence File which comes with the Texis package.

Each root word is listed as a separate entry, on its own line with a list of known associations or equivalences (equivs).

The root words go down the lefthand side of the file, each one a new entry; the equivalences go out left to right as separated by commas. Word class (part of speech) and other optional weighting information may be stored with each entry.

Here is an example of a User Equivalence File. It contains no special information beyond root words and their equivalences. Its chief purpose would be the addition of domain specific vocabulary. Phrases are acceptable as roots or as equivalences.

     ranch,farm,pen,hen house,chicken house,pig sty
     Farmer's Almanac,research,weather forecast,book
     rose,flower,thorn,red flower
     water,moisture,dew,dewdrop,Atlantic Ocean
     bee pollen,mating,flower,pollination,Vitamin B

Root word entries should be kept to a reasonable line length; around 80 characters for standard screen display is prudent. In no case should a root word entry exceed 1K per line. Where more equivalences exist for a root word than can be fit onto one line, enter multiple entries where the root word is repeated as the first item. For example:


It is important to remember that these are not just synonyms. They can be anything you wish to associate with a particular word: i.e., identities, generalities, or specifics of the word entry, plus associated phrases, acronyms, or spelling variations. Even antonyms could be listed if you wished, although that wouldn't generally be advisable.

The word "equivalence" is used in a programming sense, to indicate that each equivalence will be treated in weight exactly the same as every other equivalence in that set grouping when a search is executed.

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