Texis as a Relational Database Management System

Texis is a database management system (DBMS) which follows the relational database model, while including methods for addressing the inclusion of large quantities of narrative full text. Texis provides a method for managing and manipulating an organization's shared data, where intelligent text retrieval is harnessed as a qualifying action for selecting the desired information.

Texis serves as an "intelligent agent" between the database and the people seeking data from the database, providing an environment where it is convenient and efficient to retrieve information from and store data in the database. Texis provides for the definition of the database and for data storage. Through security, backup and recovery, and other services, Texis protects the stored data.

At the same time Texis provides methods for integrating advanced full text retrieval techniques and object manipulation with the more traditional roles performed by the RDBMS (relational database management system).

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