Support of SQL

As more corporate data processing centers use SQL, more vendors are offering relational database products based on the SQL language.

In 1986, the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) approved SQL as the standard relational database language. SQL is now the standard query language for relational database management systems.

Texis supports the SQL query language. Any program capable of issuing SQL commands can interface with Texis, to accomplish the database management, access, and retrieval functions.

For example, Microsoft ACCESS provides a means for creating a GUI (graphical user interface) front end for a database. Using icons in a point and click fashion familiar to the user, one can maneuver through the database options where queries are created and issued to the database. While the user does not see the form of the query, the ACCESS program is translating them to SQL. These queries can be passed to and implemented in a more powerful fashion by Texis, where the results are passed back to the user via the Windows ACCESS application.

For any application written in C, an embedded SQL processor allows the C Programmer to use Texis within his or her application.

Texis is a SQL driven relational database server that merges the functionality of METAMORPH, our concept based text retrieval engine with a DB2-like database. The prime differences to other systems are in the LIKE statement and in the allowable size of text fields.

This manual will explain SQL as the query language used in an enhanced manner by Texis, so that users will be able to write queries accessing data from a database.

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