Queries Involving Calculated Values

While Texis focuses on manipulation of textual information, data can also be operated on numerically. Queries can be constructed which combine calculated values with text search.

To illustrate the material in this chapter, we'll use an employee table which the Personnel Department keeps to manage salaries and benefits. A sampling of the data stored in this table follows:

  101  Aster, John A.      MKT    32000    FULL
  102  Barrington, Kyle    MGT    45000    FULL
  103  Chapman, Margaret   LIB    22000    PART
  104  Jackson, Herbert    RND    30000    FULL
  105  Price, Stella       FIN    42000    FULL
  106  Sanchez, Carla      MKT    35000    FULL
  107  Smith, Roberta      RND    25000    PART

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