Documentation Structure

There are three distinct sections to this manual. Where you start will depend on your needs. Chapters here to here of the book deal with the abilities of Texis and provide an introduction to SQL. These chapters also note the differences between Texis and a typical SQL database. These chapters can be skimmed by a person knowledgeable about SQL to note the differences with standard databases. In particular you may want to read about Metamorph queries in Chapter here, and the section on LIKE and friends.

Part V, Chapter here explains how to use the Texis server from within a C program. This chapter should be read be anyone intending to write a program to access Texis.

Part V, Chapter 1 describes the programs that come with Texis, including the daemon and ad-hoc query tool. This chapter is divided into three sections. These are the example programs, which are complete examples of how to program with Texis, the programs required to use Texis, and finally some maintenance and administration tools that are useful.

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