System Alert Email


Sets one or more email addresses to receive important system alerts. Enter one email address per input box. Events that will cause email to the System Alert Email address:

  • Log partition nearing full. Log rotation will usually be forced automatically to resolve the near full condition. The notification email will be sent regardless.

  • Bouncing emails. Such as from profile walk notifications, profile query log rotations, etc.
The list of events that will cause email will be expanded in future software versions.

When using this setting, make sure Webinator is configured to send email, via Webmin. Set SystemSystem SetupWebmin System ManagementPostfix Mail ServerGeneral OptionsSend outgoing mail via host if needed (consult your network administrator). Then use SystemInformationTest Network and ServersTest NetworkEmail to to send a test message to ensure that Webinator can send email; confirm receipt at those address(es).

This setting might not be available on older editions of Webinator. Also, before using this setting, ensure that Webinator software is up to date (SystemSystem SetupUpdate Software), especially thunderstonePatch.

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